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Commercial Cleaning

Is it time to have your workplace carpeting cleaned? My Carpet Genie now provides commercial carpet cleaning. We will visit your place of business and learn about the age and health of your carpets, view any staining and assess your long-term maintenance needs. You will then receive a thorough healthy maintenance plan to achieve the desired results. At that time, you can also add on any of our other services to maintain your workplace. We then perform a preliminary carpet cleaning, including a thorough vacuuming and spot treatment, with a focus on high-traffic areas. We make sure the carpet cleaning is done to your satisfaction. We offer a special 30-day guarantee. If any spots come back, so will we.Your business represents a huge investment of time and money. As a business owner, you realize that a healthy work environment is a happy work environment, which is why keeping your carpeting in good shape can help with morale, keep employees healthy, and help to keep your workplace looking great. With your choice in My Carpet Genie, you can expect to have the best in quality and service.

Furniture Cleaning

Our upholstery service will help keep your furniture in proper shape as well as extend the use of it. Most people unfortunately are not aware of the fact that their upholstery in the house should be cleaned frequently due to it’s major role in home hygiene and indoor air quality. Bacteria and contaminants can build up on your furniture leading to poor indoor air and health hazards in the home, therefore frequent cleaning is required.

Cleaning your furniture frequently will also help to increase its longevity and keep it looking new for years. The actual cost of upholstery cleaning is less expensive than the cost of replacing it. Homeowners should have their furniture cleaned at least once a year since there are a variety of health risks surrounding unclean home conditions.

My Carpet Genie uses the necessary equipment and tools that will keep your carpets and upholstery not only clean, but free from bacteria. The Upholstery products used meet all environmental standards and you can be confident that we use the best quality upholstery cleaning agents that are chemically free and safe for your pets and family.

Some of the advantages of cleaning of Upholstery includes:

1) Eliminates Allergens :

Vacuuming will help to eliminate dust and other allergens from upholstery.

2) Longevity of Upholstery :

Dust has jagged edges that scratch at upholstery fibers; these microscopic abrasions cause the fabric to look dull and thin, but by cleaning the dust, fabric will last longer.

3) Pleasing and Appealing to the Eye :

Making use of citrus based cleaning solution to clean your upholstery is the best way to keep furniture looking it’s best. After all, homeowners want guests to notice the color scheme and pattern of furniture, not unattractive spots.

4) Fresh Odor :

Fabric absorbs odor from it’s environment. Wet or dry clean methods will deodorize the fabric, leaving it with a fresh, clean and inviting smell.

5) Helpful Hint :

Regularly clean your upholstery before it looks dirty. It is much simpler to keep your upholstery looking clean than to restore dirty, upholstered furniture to look brand new again.

Pet Odor Control

Health Effects of Inhalation of Pet Urine Odor

Your cat urine smells sharply of ammonia, which is an irritant to the lungs. In the case of large amounts of urine, your lungs could feel like they are burning. Inhalation of large quantities of ammonia causes immediate burning of the throat, respiratory tract and nose. As a person is exposed to larger quantities of ammonia, he or she may start to feel lightheaded and faint. Excessive exposure to ammonia causes eye and skin irritation. Pet urine becomes embedded in furniture, baseboards, carpeting and other areas, and causes health hazards. Individuals with weak immune systems, allergies, asthma and other health conditions–such as migraines–are especially susceptible to the risks associated with ammonia inhalation. Low concentrations of ammonia (50ppm) also cause rapid eye and skin irritation. Prolonged exposure to a higher concentration of ammonia may cause permanent eye damage–or blindness–and skin burns.

Children and elderly are most at risk for eye and skin problems resulting from ammonia inhalation due to their lower body weight then adults. If bacteria and residue from pet urine is not completely removed from carpet or rugs, the area may become very hazardous and cause the following:

  1. Tracheal burns, nasopharyngeal, alveolar edema, bronchiolar edema and airway damage–leading to respiratory distress or malfunction.
  2. Continual ammonia inhalation causes olfactory adaptation and fatigue.
  3. Cough phlegm which may lead to shortness of breath.
  4.  Irritatation of the airways of the lungs, making it difficult for an individual to breathe easily and coughs that bring up phlegm may be an indication of a respiratory infection.

To safely remove all pet urine, you must hire a professional carpet cleaning company that specializes in pet odor removal. The only true way to remove all harmful odors from your home is to use enzymatic cleaner that breaks down the bacteria that causes the odor. Children roll on carpets and furniture on a daily basis. If you have children do the best cleaning possible to keep them safe.

Area Rug Cleaning

There are many cleaning options offered by My Carpet Genie in area rug cleaning whether they are used as rugs for the living room or even for other parts of your home. Each rug may have different care requirements. A contemporary area rug can be sent out to be professionally cleaned, especially if they don’t have backings. We use a low moisture cleaning treatment. Small washable rugs are easy to toss into the washing machine and clean, but large area rugs will not fit into a washing machine and are almost impossible to steam clean. Most of this procedure is done manually. Area rugs add beauty and give a classy look to nearly every room in your house. Make the effort to keep your area rugs clean and looking beautiful!

Regular professional rug cleaning and maintenance is an essential part of keeping your area rugs looking their best. Drenching a rug can weaken it, and this could result in additional rug stains. My Carpet Genie is best known for their on-time and quality services in order to protect your investment you have made in area rugs and ensure they last a lifetime.